Author’s Musings

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Destinies Entwined

I’ll not soon forget the day you crossed my way, a chanced encounter which caused me to stumble then glance back.

Something caught my eye. Impulsively, I reached out toward you pausing only briefly as I determined to take you as mine. I searched to uncover the forces that had molded and shaped you, then polished and scarred you before you came to rest in my path.

I gazed upon your face seeking to unravel the hidden mysteries of your life. Caressing your cool exterior, I quickly discovered missing pieces in your outer veneer. Beneath that brittle coating, I wondered what secrets I would find if I chipped away the layers of sediment, the deposits of time.

I continued on, holding you tightly, but thoughts of you preoccupied the empty recesses of my mind. Images of your longevity collided with my imagination. Forged by hands unseen and unknown, were you destined for greater things than to be held my mine?

Discarding you could allow the right one to find you, continuing your trek through eternity. Jealous of your immortality, I thought to toss you aside into the hand of one more worthy than I. But no!

I shall keep you as mine, tucked away in a place where only I can find, taking you out now and again, dreaming of what you could have been. No one will find you atop the mountain from whence you began or as part of a tower sculpted by man.

We shall be entwined for all time, my pal, my confidant, my strong shoulder, my everlasting rock.


Grand Masterpiece of Triumphant Bravery

Oh magnificent symbol of our liberty,

Fluttering, wafting, waving in the morning breeze.


Against a clear blue sky, many colors do I see.

Red then crimson, ivory – no white, wait – indigo turns blue in the early light.

A harmony of shadowed colors and brilliant hues.


Glowing, shimmering, crisp and bright,

Catching the rays, the sun’s delight.

Snapping, popping, grabbing the wind,

Glorious sounds of strength and pride does it echo and send.


What to others see when they gaze upon you?

The valor, purity, the loyalty of the true.

Do they feel the hope, the honor, the history

Of the sacrifice of the souls who bled for you and me.


Oh, how I love the red, the white, the stars on the field of blue.

The harmony of the shadowed colors and brilliant hues.


A Dancer’s Prayer

God, give me the poise, power, and grace

To leap over all the troubles I face.

No matter life’s twists or turns of fate,

Grant me the love to counterbalance hate.

Overcome my pain, my strains, and hurt;

Shield me; protect me; deliver comfort.


Forgive me when I don’t count on You.

Strengthen my core, so I always stay true.

Point me in the direction to go;

Guide my steps to the line that I should toe.

May all my moves lead others to see

My trust rests in the Lord, the Almighty.


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