Book Excerpts

Here are a few samples and snippets of my reflections.

Introductory Poem found in Hardcover Edition

No Ifs or Buts, Yet Every Ampersand: On God’s Holy Word I Will Stand

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and

Deuteronomy declare God’s Chosen and each command.

Then, strong Joshua and Judges with sweet Ruth at hand

Speak of the first great men and women in the Promised Land.

Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles twice-over expand.

Next, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and Job all withstand

Toils that can be allayed by what Psalms and Proverbs canned.

Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs are also grand.

Isaiah and Jeremiah were both a firebrand.

Lamentations weep; Ezekiel and Daniel grandstand.

Hosea, Joel, Amos, and Obadiah remand

As minor prophets preaching in and around the homeland.

Jonah, Micah, and Nahum helped people understand

Like Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai what God planned.

Zechariah and Malachi close the Old News strand,

So the New Testament can open with the Good News Band.


Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell of the Savior firsthand.

The book of Acts relates Paul’s journey that was so unplanned.

With this apostle’s awesome Gospel-teaching longhand,

Letters to Romans and twice to Corinthian’s demand

Attention to Jesus and the new Law of the land.

Next, Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians heard brand;

Then Colossians. Thessalonians twice from Greek sand.

Timothy twice, Titus, and Philemon when hearts were bland.

Hebrews found out and James then sent the news in shorthand.

Peter twice and three times John spread it to the hinterland.

Jude, the brother of Jesus, wrote a short reprimand.

Last, Revelation describes how and who God will remand.

No better stories can be found in any newsstand

As they reveal the Truth so no one will misunderstand.

Reading God’s Word or listening to them on broadband

Will lead you to Christ and then on to His eternal land.

A Snippet of Genesis 37-39

Joseph and Judah, His Bro


This prized son’s tale is not one of woe

Even though his brothers hated him so.

Loved by his father from head to toe,

A special coat for Joseph he did sew.

Although just a goat they did lay low,

His brothers struck a fortuitous blow.

Sold as slave, to Egypt, he did go

While father’s tears were like a melting floe.


The Beginning of Ruth 1-4

The Greatest Date


Because there was no food on their plate,

Naomi with family emigrate

From Judah to Moab real estate.

Yet, this was worst of moves for her soulmate.


Left with two sons to domesticate,

Once married, she hoped they would procreate.

After ten sad years in Moab’s state,

Both sons died before adding to birthrate.


News from hometown came that did elate,

Judah’s famine did finally abate.

Bags were packed to circumnavigate,

Now with two childless widows on tailgate.


Sure that destiny had sealed her fate,

She does most sadly recapitulate,

“I am too old to again gestate.

Go to your people before it’s too late.”


One young widow chose to relocate.

The other did not take her thoughtful bait.

Even though Naomi did berate,

Ruth was determined, “Our clans do equate!”


On to Bethlehem, they do migrate.

With their arrival, they do agitate.

Naomi pleads, “Please don’t celebrate.

Call me Mara now for the Lord does hate.”


Meditations on Holy Scripture: Psalms 102-104 was inspired by a student who had stray from the path yet did return. Below is the beginning of her story – Reflection on Psalm 102.

Addiction Is Slain


A jeremiad of one in pain:


O Lord! Can You hear me? My name is Jane.

I’ve forsaken You like a lamebrain

And my life is now going down the drain.


My bones burn; I’ve a pounding migraine.

I shudder at each new abscess and blain.

I can’t eat or sleep. I crave cocaine.

I drown my sorrows as I down champagne.


I’ve employed my wiles and used chicane

‘Til even my friends call me a birdbrain.

Thinking myself worldly and urbane,

To escape my woes, I took the fast lane.


But dreams I once had are cut in twain

For the path I chose You didn’t ordain.

All I do now is moan and complain,

So I cry for Your help. Is it in vain?


I hope in Your wrath Your love won’t wane,

Thus I beseech You, Lord, to ease my strain.

I don’t deserve, but I know You’ll deign

To show compassion to exalt Your reign.


Your promises of old will sustain,

And I trust by my side You will remain.


A snippet of the first reflection from the Book of Job

Satan’s Spite


Job was a man who was God’s delight.

He shunned evil, was blameless and upright.


His sons and daughters shared the spotlight

Taking turns holding feasts at each home site.

In case they sinned, Job had a set rite,

Offering sacrifice at first daylight.


When Satan came without an invite

To converse with God, Job entered limelight.


God knew this man was a true white knight,

But Satan said, “Blessings keep him polite.”

So, the Lord gave Satan the green light

To take Job’s treasures but not touch the wight.


With a heavy hand Satan did smite

Taking all God’s favors but not His might.


Praise to the Lord’s name, Job did recite,

“What the good Lord gives, He can take outright.”

God then allowed a physical blight

To prove Job would hold integrity tight.


How we are taught to pray in Chapter 9 of the Book of Daniel

His Kingdom Guaranteed


As you pray, imitate Daniel’s lead;

Recognize God’s greatness ere you proceed.


To cleanse your soul of every misdeed,

Confess each sin before seeking your need.

From your heart, let all pride be emptied

Being humble and honest as you plead.

Do not be ruled by envy or greed

For the Lord loves those who follow His creed.


Know His plans for you won’t be hurried.

All things occur at God’s determined speed.


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